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used furniture shoppe


A real home isn’t about the things inside it…

but it wouldn’t be a home

without them.


New is Overrated

That’s why we opened this used furniture shoppe, located in our home town of Honey Brook. At The Board we offer a wide variety of unique decor, antique furniture and mid-century modern pieces. We believe that used can be both beautiful and affordable. A home shouldn’t feel like the pristine aisles of Ikea anyway (no offense Ikea.) So will you join us in redefining what a home really needs?




We are Aden & Wilma,

Providing used and affordable furniture for our community has always been a dream of ours. After opening our shoppe in 2016, we filled it with tables, chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, desks and a hundred other beautiful things. Every piece is chosen, cleaned and repaired by Aden and I. So basically, we kinda feel like the proud parents of everything in here.

Truth be told, we don’t wanna part with anything in here- but we also believe that you deserve to furnish your home beautifully and inexpensively. And we hope our dream can make your dreams become a reality.