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It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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our motto

Your home matters

With our love of furniture auctions, and Aden’s experience in custom woodworking, it only made sense to open a shop of our own.

Our children, Andrea, Allen and Hadassah have supported this crazy venture of ours all along- and were the originators of our name, “The Board.”

And there you have it. We’re a simple store with a simple motto. And without the support of our community of homemakers, we wouldn’t exist. So THANK YOU.

We’re so honored you decided to stop by. Ever since the opening of our little shoppe, Aden and I have enjoyed supplying our community with quality home furnishings. Our goal is to provide exceptional pieces at an exceptional price. And we know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. We are revolutionizing the world of used furniture- by stocking items comparable with Anthro’s and West Elm’s supply- and doing it inexpensively.

How did this all begin, you may ask.


Fun Facts

The name

Originated from Aden’s love of making benches out of headboards.

We love

Running the store. Really, if you come any day of any week you’ll see either Aden or I there doing what we do best.

The location

Of our store is on Main Street, Honey Brook- our home town.


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